How to replace a GHD hair straightener cable

If you're competent dealing with electrical goods, why not try and replace your own hair straightener cable? Faulty cables will often result in your GHD's becoming intermittent, however, note that a lot of faults can result in this and replacing the cable doesn't guarantee you resolve the problem.

GHD cables tend to become damaged due to kinking in the cable and excessive wrapping of the cable around the GHD's. Another common problem is for the wiring inside the cable, to become broken at the very top of the hair straightener.

As with any electrical good, ensure that the appliance is disconnected from the mains power before attempting any repair.

We highly suggest that you do not attempt to carry out a repair if you're not competent with electronics.

Examples of faulty cables

A hole has developed at the top of the cable and the wiring has split, causing intermittent power.


Cables that are twisted, or not looked after, often result in needing replacing. Avoid kinking or twisting your cable and it will last a lot longer.


A selection of faulty cables are shown below. Don't try and tape up the damage, it won't help. If the cable shows signs of damage, or causes sparking, replace it immediately.


Video guides

How to replace a cable on a mk3 or mk3.1b ghd hair straightener:

How to replace a cable on a mk4 ghd hair straightener:

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