How to replace a GHD hair straightener cable

If you're competent dealing with electrical goods, why not try and replace your own hair straightener cable? Faulty cables will often result in your GHD's becoming intermittent, however, note that a lot of faults can result in this and replacing the cable doesn't guarantee you resolve the problem.

GHD cables tend to become damaged due to kinking in the cable and excessive wrapping of the cable around the GHD's. Another common problem is for the wiring inside the cable, to become broken at the very top of the hair straightener.

As with any electrical good, ensure that the appliance is disconnected from the mains power before attempting any repair.

We highly suggest that you do not attempt to carry out a repair if you're not competent with electronics.

Examples of faulty cables

A hole has developed at the top of the cable and the wiring has split, causing intermittent power.


Cables that are twisted, or not looked after, often result in needing replacing. Avoid kinking or twisting your cable and it will last a lot longer.


A selection of faulty cables are shown below. Don't try and tape up the damage, it won't help. If the cable shows signs of damage, or causes sparking, replace it immediately.


Video guides

How to replace a cable on a mk3 or mk3.1b ghd hair straightener:

How to replace a cable on a mk4 ghd hair straightener:

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Fake GHD's

Unfortunately, as is the case with most desirable and high priced items, fake GHD's do exist. They're also very similar to the original items, which makes it particularly difficult for the untrained eye to spot the difference. What's wrong with counterfeit electrical items? Here's just a few things:

  • The item is generally made with cheaper materials so won't last particularly long. You tend to get what you pay for and you're paying that bit more for a warranty, in most cases 2 years with the newer GHD hair straighteners.
  • Electrical appliances must pass relevant safety standards and be fit for purpose. Unfortunately, counterfeit items are made cheaply, cutting corners on safety components and considerations, resulting in an appliance which is actually risky to use. We've seen counterfeit GHD's that have blown up during use and even melted. Thankfully, we've not heard of any serious accidents as a result of using them but you're putting yourself at risk for the sake of saving a few pounds.
  • Counterfeit goods have often been linked with funding criminal activities.

How can you spot a counterfeit GHD?

We've repaired thousands of GHD's and we can instantly tell a fake from a genuine item, simply by the quality of the materials used. There are however some simple ways for you to confirm that your GHD hair straightener is genuine. Here are some recommendations for checking:

  • Check the serial code on your GHD hair straightener. Some older models may not have a serial code, so this may not be possible. The serial code is on a tag on the cable and also typically on a label on the inside of the top arm. Go to the GHD website and use their online registration form to check if your GHD's are genuine.
  • There are a selection of serial codes that are used by counterfeit manufacturers, unfortunately if your GHD has one of the following serial codes, they're more than likely fake:

7s1g8 wvky9 xzhuz
4nhbn zeyuv 6a529
7s1g8 wvky9 xzhuz
561u1 cebzu 5g0ab
7awkx rsv9n y0g5p
4v177 38kkd un3kq
7kud4 g3fmx tn3ar
4nsc6 qmqn5 urr6d
666fv wr3k6 m1f0c
5xry2 7n902 sgb83
4wxut bf7k0 zkrpw
4a2rb kdkm1 mrcug
4hxmr 6zaeb d8d59
4a2rb kdkm1 mrcug
69w5k fyesx gzkvv
70pn7 9mt8z r2290
7bfas y3vpj crd18
548rw pe1kv f7w13
5qu7s 5f23n vrsfv
45937 ywcec kqg0z
7ew74 cry6n 5w2yn
5xp7f un5k7 ywv8h
53v4n 470u8 ru537
599y1 kqw06 qah3e
4s1d6 qax1v rn5hy
6zrat e5g7g hzsvs
6p5y2 uxzkz t4u7e
5ggsy dnyz4 r26gc
5sn3k gs2ev 23crf
6bjie cswne td7an
4xw5w v56zk yygvk

  • The body screws are also a definitive way of determining a fake GHD. Below shows how to check these screws and what is genuine and what isn’t. First you need to remove the two circular GHD caps on either side of the arms. Use a small screwdriver or thin flat tool and prise these off. You don’t need much force to remove them as they only clip in place. Once removed you can check the screw and bolt underneath. The top images show what a genuine set should look like. The images below show what is typically used on a fake set. Instead of a large phillips screw and bolt either side, the majority of fake sets will use a small phillips screw and a flat plastic/metal stopper on the other side.


genuine ghd

genuine ghd

  • If you have taken the GHD's apart you can compare the internal circuit boards and can clearly see differences between genuine and fake GHD's. Genuine GHD's use screw connections for the wires on the circuit boards (image 2), fake GHD's use soldered connections (image 1). Wire colours are also different. The circuit boards also use different components and typically on fake GHD's there is only one printed circuit board (PCB) on the lower arm and not on the top.
fake ghd

fake ghd



Helpful tips to avoid buying a fake GHD

  1. Ideally purchase a new GHD hair straightener from the official GHD website or an approved stockist. Approved stockists will have a symbol on their webpage showing that they are approved but always double check this with ghd.

  2. Avoid buying GHD's off of Ebay, Amazon marketplace and similar auction style websites. 90% of counterfeit GHD's originate on these auction sites because there are no strict rules to prevent fraudulent sellers exploiting the site. If you do purchase from one of these sites then ask for the contact details of the seller beforehand and also check their feedback thoroughly.

  3. Avoid websites that sell GHD's among other well known counterfeit items such as designer bags, clothing and footwear. If a website sells Nike trainers, designer handbags, UGG boots and also GHD's then you'd have to question the authenticity of these items. Use your common sense.

  4. Check the website thoroughly. Check the contact us page, check the delivery information. Ensure they are being sent from the UK and not China. A lot of fraudulent Chinese sellers will only accept PayPal or money order's. They will also not be PayPal verified. In most instances they will send you the goods however they will not be genuine. Also see if there is any method of contacting them on their webpage, a phone number or address. If not then send them an email and simply ask them where they are based and for their contact details.

  5. Offers that seem too good to be true generally are. If they clearly show a big saving off of the RRP then you have to be cautious. Even GHD distributors have to pay high prices, even for wholesale, therefore large savings generally suggest it is not a genuine website.

  6. Finally, use your common sense. There is rarely such a thing nowadays as a good bargain. At the end of the day it is your money that you are risking losing so spend some time ensuring what you are buying is genuine. If you want some advice or further help then get in touch with us.

What happens if we receive fake GHD's?

If we receive a set of fake GHD's, we will return them and refund you less a £7.99 admin fee for inspection and return postage. You can waive this fee if you choose to have us destroy the counterfeit GHD's.

Need further help?

If you need any further help, simply get in touch with us either via online chat or go to our contact page for further contact details.