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Explore the website as you'll likely find the answer to all your GHD related questions. We have also outlined the most frequently asked questions below.

How long does the GHD repair take?

GHD repairs are typically completed and returned the same working day we receive them. On that basis, if you send them to us on a Monday and we receive them on Tuesday, in all likelihood you'll receive them back on Wednesday. We will send you a dispatch email once they have been returned so you can be safe in the knowledge that your precious GHD's are on their way back to you. Exceptional circumstances may result in an additional delay such as the requirement to order in additional parts or missing return address details.

Is your repair work guaranteed?

Of course, any company that doesn't should be trusted. Our GHD repairs are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of repair. Our repairs typically last well in excess of 18 months. We use quality repair parts which surpass the original GHD parts. Each repair is PAT (portable appliance testing) tested and we provide you with details as to what was repaired on your GHD's. Should any of these parts fail within the 6 month warranty period then we will repair them again for free.

What happens if you can't repair them?

We'd like to say that this never happens, it happens perhaps for every 1 in 500 pairs. In the event that your GHD cannot be repair, we will refund your payment in full. Typically this is only ever the case if the GHD's are so old that parts are no longer available, we're talking 10+ years old. Please note that we do not repair fake GHD's.

Do you have any association with the 'ghd' company?

No we don't, we are an independent, privately run company. 'ghd' is a registered trademark of the Jemella Group Ltd. All warranty repairs need to be sent directly to them.

Do you repair all models of GHD?

All models apart from the Eclipse model. All other models can be repaired for example, but not limited to: mk3, mk3.1b, mk3 SS, mk3 SS2, mk4.0, mk4.1, mk4.2, mk5.0, mk6 etc.

Where shall I post my GHD's?

Go to our GHD Hair Straightener repair page and you'll find all the details on there. The postage address is provided at the checkout. All payments are secure and all your contact details and data are also stored securely.

Do you carry our GHD repairs outside of the UK?

Yes, simply choose the applicable GHD repair and at the checkout you'll find an option to add European or Worldwide delivery.

There are a lot of GHD repair websites on the internet- how can I trust you?

We were the first UK based GHD repair company, established in 2007. We've got a lot of experience with GHD hair straighteners and our customer reviews reinforce this. Payments on our website are secure and we will never share your data with any other company.

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