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Established almost 7 years ago, has been the leading UK ghd repairs specialist due to the ability to fix any age of broken ghd and any fault. We also charge a set £24.50 repair fee which is all inclusive of new parts and we also guarantee to complete the repair and return them securely within 24/48 hours. Our repairs are covered by our standard 6 month warranty and PAT (portable appliance testing) tested at no additional charge. This is a level of service and quality that isn’t matched elsewhere.

The ghd repair process is straightforward and simple to arrange. Please follow the clear instructions below to book a repair. The £24.50 repair fee is a set charge and covers all parts that are required for repair apart from replacement arms which are required if you have snapped the existing arms. We can also repair each model from the original mk3 model to the newer mk5.0 model even the Eclipse model and if for any reason they cannot be repaired we will not charge you.

Follow these step by step instructions to arrange a repair for your ghds.

  1. First we need to establish that your ghds are genuine- unfortunately fake ghds do exist and to the untrained eye it is hard to tell. If you bought them from a reputable salon/online retailer and know they are genuine then you can skip this step however it is worth checking. You should check the serial number on the cable or underneath the top arm and verify this on the official ghd website. This will confirm whether they are genuine or not. You can also remove the two circular plastic covers on the arms using a thin screwdriver/tool to prise them off. The screw and bolt under these clips should look like the image shown below. (Please note all fake ghds received will not be repaired and will be subject to a £12 administration fee to cover inspection and return postage).

  2. The fixed repair fee excludes broken plastic arms/hinges. If you have snapped the arm or hinge as shown in the first and second image below then you will need to contact us prior to ordering a repair for a quote. In most instances we are able to repair the actual arm without any additional charge however in some instances a replacement arm or arms will be necessary and this will cost extra. The third image shows the ceramic plate hanging out of the arm, this does not constitute a broken arm and therefore this fault is covered under the standard repair fee. If the arms are intact then please proceed with arranging a repair.

  3. You are now ready to book a repair. We generally recommend making payment for the repair upfront and then sending your ghds to us. This is because it speeds up the process as once they are repaired we can return them to you immediately without the need to follow up for payment. It typically speeds up the repair by a day however we understand some people may prefer to pay after the repair so if you wish to do this then this is also an option. We can also take payment via cheque or over the phone. To book a repair please select the repair option and the quantity from the drop down boxes below and then click on the 'buy now' button. We also cater for repairs within Europe and you will find this option below too.

    Please note that we currently do not support the repair of the GHD Eclipse model. Any Eclipse model that is sent to us will be returned and refunded less the return postage and packaging costs.

  4. Return to the website after purchasing your repair (you should be redirected back to the website automatically). You now need to click on the repair form link below. This includes the address where to send your ghds to for repair and also includes important information we require filling out. Please print this form off and include this with your ghds. If you are unable to print this off then you must write the same information on a piece of paper and include this.

  5. Click here for the repair form in word format

    Click here for the repair form in pdf format

  6. Once you have printed the ghd repair form off and filled it out, pack your ghds up to send them to us. Include the ghd repair form and post your broken ghds to the address at the bottom. We recommend wrapping your ghds in a few layers of bubble wrap, taking care to make sure the cable plug is also wrapped up securely so it doesn't damage the ghds in transit. If you do not have bubble wrap, then use some padding to protect the ghds because they can easily be damaged in transit (if you send your ghds to us in the original box, please note we will not return this). Ideally then pack them in a padded envelope and send them off to us.

Key repair information

  • Any model of ghd repaired

    10 years old or 1 year old, it doesn't matter

  • No fix no fee

    We will not charge you if the ghd are unrepairable

  • 6 month warranty on all repairs

    If the parts replaced fail, the follow up repair is free

  • 24/48 hour repair turnaround

    99% of ghd repaired and returned the same working day

  • Secure online payments

    Pay before or after your repair securely online or by phone

  • £24.50 standard repair fee and return

    Inclusive of all parts and return postage (excludes arms)

  • No PayPal account required- choose pay with credit/debit card in the bottom right corner

  • All ghds are portable appliance tested and a test certificate issued with each repair

  • View our excellent trustpilot reviews

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